Home warranties differ from home insurance in that they protect the things inside your house (your dishwasher, fridge, or garbage disposal) while your insurance protects the house itself. If your stove breaks, use your home warranty. If your roof is flattened by a falling tree, that's your home insurance.

For instance, if your dishwasher quits on you for now apparent reason, without a home warranty you're stuck dealing with everything it takes to get it working again. Phone calls, labor, parts, researching a trustworthy repairman-- everything.

If you're a Secure Home Warranty customer, however, everything's taken care of.

No more:

  • Searching through the phone book
  • Calling around to compare prices
  • Negotiating a time and date for repairs
  • Guesswork on the quality and integrity of your laborer
  • Praying the repairman doesn't take you for a ride for parts or labor
  • Hoping the repair isn't rigged to fail in a couple weeks for repeat business
  • Paying for a brand new appliance in case of an unfixable breakdown

Instead, one call to Secure Home Warranty takes care of everything. Tell us what happened, what needs fixing, and relax. Consider it fixed. You'll save time and money. Guaranteed.

Secure Home Warranty will:

  • Find the area's best repairmen
  • Check opinions from their prior customers
  • Research reviews and check with customers to make certain they're reliable and trusted
  • Schedule your repair
  • Follow up to confirm the repair's completed satisfactorily

You can also customize your coverage to fit your situation. This might sound self-evident, not paying for coverage on appliances you don't own. It would be, but not all home warranty companies customize their customers' coverage with other companies, you might end up with coverage you don't need. With Secure Home Warranty, if you don't own a second refrigerator or hot tub, you won't pay to cover it.

Secure Home Warranty goes further, in fact. Let's say, for whatever reason, you'd prefer not to cover your new air conditioner. Not a problem. Secure Home Warranty will adapt your coverage and therefore, your bottom line to reflect your preferences.